Telebank Free Telephone Banking

  • Access your accounts 24 hours a day

  • Account balances and transactions updated nightly

  • Transfers can be initiated 24 hours a day, extracted and updated once a day

  • Handy information card on how-to’s available

for additional information or to get set up

To access your Telebank accounts:



Current Telebank Customers who already have a security code:

  • Call one of the above telephone numbers

  • Once the jingle has played, index your security code then #

  • Index your Social Security or TIN number then #  (omit any leading zeros of your number)

You will then hear a list of prompt options

Checking Account:  Press 1

Savings Account: Press 2

Transfer Funds : Press 3

CD Information: Press 4

Loans & Loan Payments: Press 5

Change Security Code:  Press 6

Repeat Menu: Press 9

NOTE:  Once you are familiar with the prompts, it is not necessary to wait before putting in your numbers or selections.  Press # when finished entering each group of numbers.



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